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Hear what our clients say about working with The De Angelis Group.

“We have used Drue in the past year on two searches, a CEO and a Director for the board, both with excellent outcomes.  Drue and his team spent meaningful time to understand the exact qualifications we were looking for in the executive hires. Drue provided continuous feedback throughout the process, and leveraged his [20+] years of placing value added executives to provide strategic advice to LongueVue during the search process. Drue ultimately identified and placed ideal candidates at both positions. The De Angelis Group is a true partner to LongueVue Capital.”

Ryan Nagim - Partner, LongueVue Capital

“Drue you were the best recruitment consultant that we have ever worked with. Your preparation and dedication were truly impressive. Also, I think that you did find that needle in the haystack. We cannot thank you enough. I hope that we can work together again.”

Charles Sherwood - CEO, Anika Therapeutics, Inc.

“I find in our fast paced industry and the demands of participating in it, that for whatever reason, we often don’t do a good job of letting people know when they have done a good job. I wanted to make sure that I did not fall prey to that trap and at least dropped you a quick note of appreciation and recognition, even though it is a bit delayed. When I look at all the great hires I’ve made over the years, there are three things I look for when choosing a candidate. Pay, usually the easiest one as you either can or can’t afford someone. Skill-set, which is pretty easy to determine from a resume and a few reference checks. The third is the most difficult. Fitting in with our culture. I remember sharing this with you when you began a search for an upper level management position, and I have to say that you hit a home run on every front. Peter brought an exceptional skill set, tremendous work ethic, fantastic people skills and a mature industry knowledge base that has set him apart in our business. He has balanced well his “big business” background with an entrepreneurial mindset that has allowed us to continue giving him higher levels of responsibility within the company in the first six months.

My compliments to The De Angelis Group for a job well done, not only in the vetting process for candidates. but also through the interviewing, negotiations and transfer to our organization. Please pass along my thanks to the group and my high recommendations to anyone who might benefit from your services.”

Cory Colman - Senior Vice President, Paragon Medical, Inc.

“No one has had more to do with our company’s success in recruiting talent than The De Angelis Group. You’ve helped shape my executive team and for that, I’m very grateful. The candidates you’ve provided have been first rate, qualified, and on the money in meeting our requirements. That’s why I view you and your firm to be “my partner” in building a winning team at VertiFlex. I’m quite proud of the quality of our people. Thanks for helping our company create that kind of image in the marketplace.”

Earl Fender - President & CEO, VertiFlex Spine

“I originally contacted Drue regarding a consulting opportunity with a start up company in the medical device space. Drue was able to assist our firm in deciphering the validity of the opportunity. Since then Drue has been an inspirational leader in the Search world as well as a good friend and mentor. I highly recommend Drue because of his continued leadership and display of character as a professional.”

Christian Claudio - Vice President of Development, Century Rehabilitation, Inc.

“From start to finish the recruitment process took around 3 months exceeding our expectations especially as we now have the right top level individual for our business in place to ensure we exceed our strategic goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending The De Angelis Group to anyone looking to recruit the right people into their business to match their business needs. Drue definitely understands what each company is looking for from a recruitment drive through his pre search discussions as all will be slightly different however in our case he matched this perfectly with what we required.”

Eliot Claire - Founder, Ortho Solutions UK

“The De Angelis Group not only quickly and comprehensively captured the skills set and capabilities we were looking for in a CEO, but were extremely thorough in matching cultural and personality characteristics of the candidate(s). Hiring at the C-Level is always a delicate blend of credentials, work experience, depth of character and chemistry with our leadership team. Their process ensured we were right on target, within budget and on our timeline. I am happy to recommend The De Angelis Group and we have already utilized them again for additional executive searches.”

Joelle K. Marquis - Partner, Arsenal Capital Partners

“The DeAngelis Group conducted a CEO search for a company I am associated with and produced excellent results. We found them to be very easy to work with and very diligent in the search and vetting process. The individual The DeAngelis Group recruited for us has made a significant impact on the company. Without their assistance, I doubt we would have been able to attract this individual. I would highly recommend using Drue for any senior level executive search in the medical device sector.”

John Byrd III - Board of Directors, IMDS

“OMNI LIfescience Inc. chose The DeAngelis Group based upon its willingness to learn about our company – our people, our culture and our long-term corporate objectives. Prior to beginning this project, you took the time to visit us to meet the staff, tour the facility and get to know as much as possible about our business and plans for the future. The De Angelis Group then targeted potential candidates based upon their due diligence of our organization and it paid huge dividends. We were presented with extremely qualified candidates that were well suited for our needs; the candidates were thoroughly screened and well informed about our organization and the role they would play: there was a great respect for our time and we were only presented with finalist candidates as a result of your comprehensive screening process. It was obvious from our first several interviews that The De Angelis Group had done their homework, had communicated an accurate representation of the position and had provided a realistic perspective of what the candidate might expect if they were offered a position with our company. We appreciate the way your staff approached this project – its as though, for the past six months, you were a part of OMNI! The team we have built here is incredible and your organization should be proud of its contributions.

Please extend our thanks to your staff for a job well done – we would most certainly recommend The DeAngelis Group and look forward to continuing our relationship in the many years to come.”

David Lorenzi - President & CEO, OMNI LifeSciences

“My company had been stuck for a few years. I knew we should be doing much better but we lacked the people to move forward. The De Angelis Group found the perfect guy who brought the experience, knowledge and relationships we needed to go to the next level. I hired that guy, he laid out a plan, which we knew we could trust, and then he recruited and hired the other players needed to make it work. I enthusiastically recommend The De Angelis Group.”

Russell Moir - Owner, United Surgical

“We have hired the De Angelis Group over the last 4 years and highly recommend them as a recruiting agency. They have a strong working knowledge of the orthopedic market and are very successful in recruiting key position leaders. Having worked with several other recruiting firms, it is easy to see how the De Angelis Group sets themselves apart from many others. Their ability to understand the necessary qualifications for different positions enables them to deliver a select group of qualified recruits for consideration. This has made our hiring process much more streamlined and successful.”

Steven Reinecke - Vice President of Research & Development, Alphatec Spine

“The DeAngelis Group is one of the most professional and results driven search groups that I have worked with in my 30 plus years in the Health care device business. He and his staff are easy to work with and they possess an uncanny ability to connect companies with candidates and candidates with companies in a timely fashion. He and his team have high integrity to conduct confidential results oriented searches for their clients. They follow up to make sure their clients are satisfied and if not they help address the issues through counseling and coaching. Many recruiting organizations do not go this extra step.”

Marshall Perez - CEO, Medicrea USA

“The comprehensive search you did at our request uncovered better candidates than we hoped – such that we ended up hiring two of them when we started out only looking for one! In addition to thoroughly “beating the bushes” to uncover qualified candidates, you did a great job once the interview process began, working both with us and the candidates to ensure a smooth, efficient and fair process. We are very pleased with your efforts and will not hesitate to call on you again.”

Marc R. Viscogliosi - Founder & CEO, Paradigm Spine, LLC

“Drue has my highest recommendation. I have worked with a number of recruiters over the years, and none has shown more professionalism and tenacity than Drue. Drue has a level of integrity that is rare in the recruiting profession and I would trust him with any search that requires confidentiality. If you are looking for someone that truly has the best interest of people and organizations at heart, you will find none better than Drue De Angelis.”

Mark Capone - President & CEO, Myriad Genetics

“I have worked with Drue several times over the past few years (both as a hiring manager and as job seeker) and each time has been a pleasure. It’s not just a matter of the end result; he and his associates always go far above and beyond that. Drue considers each situation thoughtfully with regard to how he can help make it better than you as the customer envisioned. Additionally, his staff is terrific in every way. They are timely, courteous, attentive to detail, and will remain focused on your project until completion, while communicating with you every step of the way.”

Terri Wells - Vice President of Marketing, RTI Biologics

“Drue has an extraordinary ability to assess talent. He has the network to source candidates with stellar background, but more importantly he takes the time and has the skill to go beyond a template and understand the individual candidates with the depth that can get the matches just right.”

Mark Mendel - President & CEO, 3C Bio, Inc.

“I have found that Drue and The DeAngelis Group excel at finding highly talented professionals that are great fits with the position and, equally or more important, the culture. Drue runs a very efficient process which is fueled by his very extensive industry network and strongly guided by his high integrity. He has filled several senior management positions for 2 companies that I am associated with, and every placement has proved to be a strong contributor to the business and well-liked by fellow senior managers and the board. I strongly recommend that you consider Drue for your recruitment of talented contributors to your business.”

Wade Fallin, President, CEO and Founder

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