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Human Capital Assessments

Leaders Develop Leaders

The De Angelis Group offers clients Human Capital Assessment Services to ensure a comprehensive leadership assessment in matters of talent acquisition and talent development.

Human Capital Assessments can be a valuable tool in determining leadership fit for an organization. The De Angelis Group is proud to be Hogan certified. Hogan Assessments have over 30 years of experience in assessment solutions for the acquisition and development of talent. Over 9 million people have completed their assessments and validated the extent to which the assessments predict performance. The traits measured by Hogan are particularly salient in leadership and are most often used for leadership development from middle management to the executive level.

The Hogan Personality Inventory is a high-quality evaluation of personality characteristics necessary for success in leadership. It’s designed to allow clients to more fully understand a candidate’s performance capabilities, challenges, and motivations. The evaluation assesses normal personality, performance derailers, and individual values that drive interpersonal interactions and decisions in the workplace. It’s a data point we use and complements our Risk Mitigation Strategies, interviews with the candidates, and references. Hogan can help you make a more thoughtful and considered decision about the fit of each candidate with the overall requirements of the role, uncover further areas for evaluation, and inform specific requirements for successful onboarding.

  • Predict Workplace Performance

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Development

  • Find the strongest leaders

  • Amplify strengths

  • Identify blind spots

Talent Acquisition

Talent Development

Identify performance risks before you hire a candidate

Instantly eliminate unqualified candidates and uncover the best

Explore strengths, performance risks, and values

Learn how candidates approach problems and think tactically

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Spend less time administrating and more time developing

Use individual development to achieve sustainable growth

Streamline processes with easy-to-use self-guided reports

Create targeted development plans aligned with corporate goals

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The Hogan Difference

Personality         +       Performance

Personality provides deep insight into employees without bias.

  • Personality stays consistent over time, unlike skill sets and experience
  • Personality can be assessed with accuracy and reliability
  • Assessments uncover essential insights that resumes, interviews, and skill tests cannot
  • Personality traits can be correlated with real-world performance measures in different roles and industries
  • Personality assessments compare people objectively, on equal playing fields

But, personality without workplace data cannot predict performance. 

  • No other company has measured job performance to the extent and depth that Hogan has
  • Hogan job performance studies are painstakingly conducted over a significant period of time with each company
  • We can measure everyone, not just the top performers, so we can learn what truly differentiates high performers from their peers
  • Hogan continuously updates their databases and prediction tools to indicate who will be the highest fit for a given role

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