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Hear what our clients say about working with The De Angelis Group.

“Drue you were the best recruitment consultant that we have ever worked with. Your preparation and dedication were truly impressive. Also, I think that you did find that needle in the haystack. We cannot thank you enough. I hope that we can work together again.”

Charles Sherwood, Anika Therapeutics, Inc.
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“I find in our fast paced industry and the demands of participating in it, that for whatever reason, we often don’t do a good job of letting people know when they have done a good job. I wanted to make sure that I did not fall prey to that trap and at least dropped you a quick note of appreciation and recognition, even though it is a bit delayed. When I look at all the great hires I’ve made over the years, there are three things I look for when choosing a candidate. Pay, usually the easiest one as you either can or can’t afford someone. Skill-set, which is pretty easy to determine from a resume and a few reference checks. The third is the most difficult. Fitting in with our culture. I remember sharing this with you when you began a search for an upper level management position, and I have to say that you hit a home run on every front. Peter brought an exceptional skill set, tremendous work ethic, fantastic people skills and a mature industry knowledge base that has set him apart in our business. He has balanced well his “big business” background with an entrepreneurial mindset that has allowed us to continue giving him higher levels of responsibility within the company in the first six months.

My compliments to The De Angelis Group for a job well done, not only in the vetting process for candidates. but also through the interviewing, negotiations and transfer to our organization. Please pass along my thanks to the group and my high recommendations to anyone who might benefit from your services.”

Cory Colman, Paragon Medical, Inc.
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“No one has had more to do with our company’s success in recruiting talent than The De Angelis Group. You’ve helped shape my executive team and for that, I’m very grateful. The candidates you’ve provided have been first rate, qualified, and on the money in meeting our requirements. That’s why I view you and your firm to be “my partner” in building a winning team at VertiFlex. I’m quite proud of the quality of our people. Thanks for helping our company create that kind of image in the marketplace.”

Earl Fender, VertiFlex Spine
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“I originally contacted Drue regarding a consulting opportunity with a start up company in the medical device space. Drue was able to assist our firm in deciphering the validity of the opportunity. Since then Drue has been an inspirational leader in the Search world as well as a good friend and mentor. I highly recommend Drue because of his continued leadership and display of character as a professional.”
Christian Claudio, Century Rehabilitation, Inc.
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“We have used Drue in the past year on two searches, a CEO and a Director for the board, both with excellent outcomes.  Drue and his team spent meaningful time to understand the exact qualifications we were looking for in the executive hires. Drue provided continuous feedback throughout the process, and leveraged his [20+] years of placing value added executives to provide strategic advice to LongueVue during the search process. Drue ultimately identified and placed ideal candidates at both positions. The De Angelis Group is a true partner to LongueVue Capital.”

Ryan Nagim - Partner, LongueVue Capital

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