SpineBlogger, Where Did You Go?

He came out of nowhere. The man masked as a super hero with the stolen picture from FotoSearch.com. He was named Musculoskeletal Man and, as his bio said, he had a background in Orthopedics and Spine. He wrote witty posts about companies and products often quoting a few lines of a classic song or movie. These posts started out as productive and thought provoking. It became the first site many of us went to when we woke up in the morning. Then darkness rolled in via the comments relegating the site into mob styled attacks on people without the fear of being held accountable for what was said.

This musculoskeletal industry specific tabloid gained many admirers in the early days but Musculoskeletal Man has seemingly vanished as quickly as he appeared. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it is a good thing that this site has been unattended since February because it had spiraled out of control. My main question is did MM stop because of the obvious moral dilemma, or was the site shut down based on the threat of litigation?

No one can be sure of what this shadowy figure had intended to do with the site when it was started. I think the thought was genuine. To create a site that brings awareness and support to the industry? I really doubt his motive was more sinister than that. As with all of the tabloids in the grocery store shelves, we look. Sometimes we read the headline and when its particularly attention getting, we might pick it up and read a few paragraphs. But we don’t buy it and our thoughts stay in our own heads (Heaven forbid we let anyone know that it was interesting if for even a minute).

Unfortunately, the site became a disturbing display of the decay that has wrought in our industry. It showed how two-faced and manipulative we are. For example, if a person came to another’s defense, they would become the unwitting target of more insidious insults and hatred. The crazy thing is that somehow people don’t see that this type of slanderous abusive ranting hurts a great many more people than those targeted, it hurts our whole industry. It seems to me that the kind of banter that was portrayed on the SpineBlogger website is far different than my own experience of dealing with people in spine over the past decade. Let’s hope that the SpineBlogger has officially retired so that we may be saved from ourselves permanently.


– Josh Sandberg

Originally Published 08/12/2014