Distributor Search Case Study

Distributor Search Case Study

ROLE: Independent Recon Distributors

COMPANY STAGE: Early Stage Commercialization

DOMAIN: Infection Control Device used in Total Joint Procedures



Our client had an innovative product yet struggled to recruit effective distribution partners. They spent a great amount of time trying to find, contact, and vet prospects only to engage them and later fail to see the level of performance measure up to what was promised during interviews. They engaged our firm to help them rapidly bring on the highly qualified distributor partners capable of scaling the sales of the company.


Our client retained us to find experienced Recon Distributors in 19 territories. In the early stages of our project, we worked with the client to define the type of distributors they needed us to target. By the start of the project, we determined that these distributors had to have an established infrastructure; a minimum of 10 sales representatives, and at least one physical office. Additionally, these distributors needed to be with one of the top 8 Recon companies and have significant market share in their territory.


The search began once our team had an understanding of the product and its benefits. Knowing how to present the company and product allowed our team to better qualify prospects so we only presented our client with qualified distributors who had an understanding of how to successfully launch the product in their hospitals. The De Angelis Group identified up to 41 target distributors in each of the 19 territories, methodically starting with the prioritized territories.

We interviewed each of the target distributors and built a dossier on their firm’s infrastructure and suitability to carry our client’s line. Using The De Angelis Group’s online project management system, the client was able to view each distributor, all of our call notes, and updated stack-rankings in real-time. In each territory, TDG introduced 3-5 qualified and interested distributor principles to the client. Due to the breadth of our activities, we slated multiple distributors who competed to carry our client’s product in each market. Every interested party presented business plans and had multiple interviews with our client. Because we presented multiple competing distributorships in each territory, our client was able to thoroughly vet each prospect and determine which distributor that they felt would best represent their company and had the greatest likelihood of success. Within 6 months, we had finalized and signed on 20 independent distribution partners that were all highly qualified and excited to be able to represent our client’s company.


Within a few short months, the pipeline of the company’s sales had increased dramatically, and within a year, they were in a very different position than when we started. They had a significant increase in sales activity which was followed by a major increase in sales. The company today is in a very strong position and continues its high growth trajectory to this day.

The De Angelis Group provides this service for any situation, from an entire channel rebuild to a single new distributor partner in a challenging area. To learn more about our process or fee structure, please contact us.

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